Maple Meadow Farm
Contact: George E. & Jackie Devoid
Address: 518 Maple Street Salisbury, VT, 05769
Email Address:
Phone: 802-352-4241
About Us
Maple Meadow Farm is family owned and operated by George E. & Jackie Devoid, the second generation of Devoids. The third generation, our daughter Jen and son Niles are also part of the family farm. We at Maple Meadow Farm produce fresh shell eggs for sale and distribution throughout the State of Vermont and into the Ticonderoga-Port Henry area in New York. We sell wholesale and have a retail store on site at our Farm. We take great pride in providing a quality shell egg and great service to our customers. We have 65,000 hens laying eggs in our barns. By Vermont standards this is very large, but by national standards we are tiny. We compete for market space with farms that have millions of hens. Being small allows us to remain family operated, focused on our product and the clients we sell to.