Creek Valley Farm
Contact: Lorinda Campbell and Charleen Miles
Address: 6417 Rt 14 Irasburg, VT, 05845
Email Address:
Phone: 802-233-2408
About Us
At Creek Valley Farm our cheese starts with the cows. The cheesemaker and herdsperson, Lorinda Campbell (Rin) has always loved Jerseys. She treats them as family, talking to them, teasing them, and giving hugs. She jokes that she speaks two languages, English and Cow. Her small herd is mostly daughters of the same matriarch.

The dream started when her neighbor gave her a cow, named Flag. She bred Flag and the process began. She had an overabundance of milk, and her sister came to her aid with some cheese recipes. They began making cheese in her kitchen. Rin kept breeding her heifers and eventually found it necessary to expand her operation. With the help of her sister and brother-in-law, they purchased the Creek Valley Farm in Irasburg, Vermont and built a small cheese plant complete with a cave. The venture begins and Rin’s dream came true.

As well as being loved, our cows always have access to the outdoors. Even in the winter they enjoy being outside. We practice rotational grazing, and do not use chemical fertilizer on our pastures.

Our cheeses are made in our own cheese plant at the farm. Since we make aged cheese, we have also have a cave to keep the temperature and humidity ideal.