Wilson Herb Farm
Contact: Lindsay Beer
Address: 2747 Hardwick Street Greensboro, VT, 05841
Phone: 802-505-1751
About Us
Wilson Farm is comprised of husband and wife team, Brenden and Lindsay Beer. We have been working together in one way or another, since we met ten years ago. A lifelong passion for plants, decades of digging in the dirt, and an interest in alternative medicine led to our path of herb farming and medicine making.

We are a small scale, Vermont Certified Organic farm focused on maintaining the highest quality standards of herbal medicine. We hand harvest, dry and process with intention to ensure that each small batch achieves its greatest healing potential.
For us, it all starts at the beginning with the soil by employing alternative and sustainable methods of farming. On land that has been certified organic for decades, we’ve allowed it to rest and rebuild before continuing cycles of diversified crop growth. With the majority of our crops being perennials, it’s important that we steward and enrich the land. This is accomplished with a thoughtful system of crop rotation and creating an environment to encourage pollinators and beneficial insects.