Vermont Bean Crafters
Address: 284 VT Rt. 100 PO Box 941 Waitsfield, VT 05673 Warren, VT, 05674
Phone: 802-325-2144
About Us
Created in 2009, Bean Crafters was born out a love affair with beans. We wanted to craft enjoyable, affordable, locally-sourced organic products that were rooted in the simple, soulful, superlative bean.
Sustain ourselves as an endeavor for decades to come through healthy returns to our triple-bottom-line (people, planet and profit).
Serve as a conduit for locally-grown, organic plant-based foods from fields to meals.
Function as a change agent in emphasizing the importance and enjoyability of supporting local organic agriculture.
Inspire our community to contemplate and learn about what they eat; bring to the forefront the power we hold when we make affirming choices about what we eat.
​Create a workplace for, and relationship with, employees that honor and nourish them as a full person.