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Contact: Jack & Anne Lazor, Christine Lazor & Collin Mahoney
Address: 421 Trumpass Road Westfield, VT, 05874
Phone: 802-744-6023
About Us

Known as the first certified organic dairy in Vermont, Butterworks started nearly four decades ago with only a handful of Jersey cows in 1979. Since then, the business has grown incrementally from yogurt and cottage cheese prepared on the wood cook stove and door to door delivery to an array of exceptional quality yogurts, heavy cream, cheese, dry beans and cereal grains widely available throughout Vermont and many of the Eastern states.

Owned and operated by Jack and Anne Lazor, their daughter Christine and her partner Collin Mahoney, Butterworks attributes their yogurt's excellent quality and fine flavor to the protein-rich milk of their Jersey cows. To ensure a premium product they’ve kept their animals, all born and raised on the farm, healthy without antibiotics or hormones. These divine bovines feed on the nutrient-dense pasture, hay, and grains sweetened by the optimal tilth and life of their Westfield-based farm soils.