Breadseed Farm
Contact: Douglas Wolcik & Kayleigh Boyle
Address: 1176 S. Albany Road Craftsbury, VT, 05826
Email Address:
Phone: 802-586-7553
About Us
Kayleigh and Doug purchased the sixteen acres of land that would become home to Breadseed Farm, in September 2020. The site has two acres of prime agricultural soil, perfect for growing veggies. In the 2021 season, Breadseed will be a 1/2 acre no-till, human powered farm with an emphasis on ecological growing. The farm will incorporate herbs, native perennials and flowers to encourage pollinators and beneficial insects which will create a more holistic farm system. All produce will be grown organically with an emphasis on regenerative soil health practices.
Breadseed Farm acknowledges that we do our work on Abenaki land. We recognize that these regenerative practices are rooted in traditional indigenous forms of agriculture. We commit to policies and practices of cultural equity to benefit current and future generations.